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A teacher's always in need of some supporting exercises - no textbook gives enough drills to say nothing of lazy students who know ten times less after all your efforts than they've been supposed.

   Let's share materials and experience:

See the exercises - you can use them with any textbook while drilling a corresponding topic! (We all teach English - not just Cambridge or Longman English. :))

bookstart.gif (14660 bytes)

There are also blocks for written Russian-English traslation in 'Trainer', computer mentor! You can download the programme together with the blocks and see the readme file.

ex.gif (128 bytes)   Reading sheets:

- a, i, oo, ea

- ee, ea, oo

- c, k, x

- closed vowels

Basic Revision

- transcriptions

- more transcription

- open a, i

- th, sh, ch, ck

( you can also use reading sheets for CROSS-TRANSLATION, a useful, grammar and vocabulary training)

ex.gif (128 bytes)   Paradigms:

- to be

- to be (2)

- weak verbs

- weak verbs (2)

ex.gif (128 bytes) a town/ a city (for Unit 2)

ex.gif (128 bytes) this/ that (for Unit 3)

ex.gif (128 bytes) Animal cards (after Unit 10: can+base-form, negative can, some useful expressions)

book1.gif (14809 bytes)

ex.gif (128 bytes)   North, South, East, West + town buildings

ex.gif (128 bytes)   Social Phrases

ex.gif (128 bytes)   'y' + 'es' (in the exercisethere's some extra grammar from 'Culture Matters' unit)

ex.gif (128 bytes)   movie plots (the third person of weak verbs, negative forms)










ex.gif (128 bytes)  'Trainer' - a computer mentor - these are traditional written translations, but computer control and sets of preliminary exercises  make them even more effective. 'Trainer' is a wonderful teaching tool used by a vast number of teachers and students. Please, read the description of the programme. Download the mentor (there are blocks for Starter and Book 1, about hundred sentences each). (450 KB)

Trainer_rar.exe (self-extracting archive)

You can see a lot of extra training material and download  tests and worksheets at the official "Cambridge English for Schools" site ( See a vocabulary of communicative teaching activities at


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